Craft cannabis co-op group releases report

Sean Eckford, Coastal Reporter

The resulting report, “Establishing a Craft Cannabis Co-Op for BC Producers, Processors and Retailers,” said there has been just a “trickle of applications” from the estimated 5,000 to 6,000 small producers across the province.

The report claims small producers have been “discouraged by very low production caps, significant up-front investment requirements, consulting fees, non-specific criteria, lack of municipal engagement and financing options.”

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Plans for cannabis co-op moving forward

Sharon Vanhouwe, My Coast Now

The people behind the BC Small Cannabis Producer and Processor Co-op have released a report following a series of consultations in our communities.

Those who participated agreed on a number of issues including that Health Canada’s cumbersome regulatory process is holding BC’s craft cannabis sector back.

The organizers of the Co-op say everyone agreed the inclusion of small cannabis producers in the legal framework is vital to the success of the legalization policy but barely a handful in B.C. have survived the application process.

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Small-scale medical cannabis producers launch co-op

Global News Morning BC

There has been no shortage of cannabis retailers since Ottawa legalized pot, but not everyone is competing on an equal footing. Barinder Rasode of Grow Tech Labs explains how cannabis co-ops may help micro growers compete with the big boys.

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B.C. cannabis co-op hopes to become largest collective producer in the world: organizer

Doris Maria Bregolisse, Global News

David Hurford estimates there are upwards of 6,000 small cannabis producers in B.C. that are licensed by Health Canada to produce medical marijuana, which is more than a quarter of the entire 20,000 he said exist across Canada.

The Vancouver man is on a mission to organize a fraction of those cannabis producers into a co-op to give them not only purchasing power, but marketing strength on the world stage.

“There’s a real opportunity here,” Hurford told Global News on a visit to the Okanagan.

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Cannabis co-op wants BC Bud at the forefront of Canada’s new industry

Daily Hive

“BC has the most to gain by ensuring small producers and processors are active participants in Canada’s cannabis economy,” said Rasode. “BC co-op’s have demonstrated this business model can deliver economic prosperity for a broad range of citizens and establish a proven legal framework to govern collective decision-making in this rapidly evolving sector.”

BC has a vibrant co-operative movement, with 700 co-op businesses, two million members, and almost $50 billion in assets.

Hurford noted a number of benefits to joining a co-op.

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